6 Amazing Things You Can Make Your Smartphone More Useful


Your smartphone is there for you in every aspect of life, from waking in the morning to falling asleep at night. Why your mobile device is more valuable to you, ranging from receiving critical business email notifications to receiving updates from your favorite Facebook pages.

If you’re looking for an escape room to play in or go on a weekend getaway with your buddies, your smartphone is your best friend. There are many more uses for your smartphone, even if you believe you know everything about it.

We’re going to show you 6 amazing things your smartphone can do that you never knew it could. 

Let’s have a look!

1. CPR And First Aid Kit

With ease, you may use your smartphone as a health monitoring and upliftment tool. Go to your app store and get the Pocket First AID and CPR app immediately.

In a first aid scenario, it can offer you clear and concise instructions. This software can assist you with CPR, choking, biting, and even burns and seizures. Medical records and histories of your loved ones can be stored in the app for easy access!

2. Keep Track Of How Much Water You Should Drink

We are all aware that we should drink a lot of water each day doesn’t mean that we always remember to do so. You can keep track of how much water you drink each day using a variety of mobile applications, but they rely heavily on the amount of water you typically consume.

Nonetheless, the Hidrate Spark is a water bottle that stands out. It accurately keeps track of the amount of water you consume daily. You’ll be able to thoroughly study the data after you connect the bottle to an app!

3. Control And Manage Your Device Remotely On Smartphone

A new smartphone-controlled drone has recently entered the market, allowing users to control it. People or signals control and regulate drones in most cases. It’s also possible to control this drone without any external help.

While the camera on your smartphone captures the images, the CPU in your phone really directs the drone. Even if a building is on fire, you may use this gadget to help people get out.

4. Heart Rate Monitor  On Smartphone

More and more individuals are attempting to lead better lives as a result of the popularity of fitness trackers like the Fitbit available on the market today. To get a rapid health exam today, you don’t have to hunt for an appointment with your doctor. A smartphone app like this one might suffice instead!

In 30 seconds or less, you may begin using the Kardia mobile heart rate monitor manufactured by AliveCor. Just pressing your fingers on the touchpad while the app monitors your heart’s health is all you need to do with this bit of device.

5. Scan 3d Models With Your Smartphone

At the Institute for Visual Computing, people have recently created a new piece of software. Thanks to this program, you can now use your smartphone to scan 3D things. Moving your smartphone in front of the object serves as a convenient means of doing so.

You’ll see a 3D model appear on your phone’s display when you’re done. Using this image model, you may check whether any parts of your 3D item are missing. Using this 3D scanner, you can even determine an object’s exact dimensions. You can even use this to build a 3D portrait of a face by taking a 3D scan.

6. Prevent The Possibility Of Drunk Driver On The Road

You may have thought you could drive home after a night of drinking, but you couldn’t. You might not tell whether you are too drunk to drive at times. This is where the Bluetooth BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer might come in handy.

In a few seconds, it can tell you how much alcohol you have in your bloodstream. Wireless transmission to your smartphone occurs next. A timer on the app indicates how long it will take before you are sober again.

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